BW-WCD centrifuge for removing bristles from heads and legs of cattle, aa well as heads, legs, ears and tails of pork carcasses


The separation of the hair (bristles) is the result of friction between the products around the working surfaces of the machine components and one another. The product is processed in the upper part of the centrifuge by turning a perforated disc with special shaped bumps. Centrifuges are equipped with a washing time regulator, which allows to regulate the time of product processing and a frequency converter to control the rotational speed of the disc.

Optional machine equipment (consultations with the Customer):

automatic lift - pneumatic tilting device,                                     

automatic lift – mast tilting device,                                           

automatic cover for feeding,          

automatic unloading of products,                                     

automatic electronic water mixer.   Material: AISI 304 stainless steel.

Each machine is designed individually, based on the required performance and other customer requirements.